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United Arab Emirates Services

Are you considering establishing a new business in Dubai, UAE? 


Prestige ME Corporate Services Provider stands out as a leading provider of business setup and company formation services in Dubai and the UAE.


Prestige ME Corporate Services Provider delivers comprehensive business setup solutions tailored for startups and innovative entrepreneurs aiming to launch their ventures in Dubai, either in the mainland or within the free zones. Our skilled team of consultants is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the business setup process in Dubai, ensuring a seamless experience.


With a wealth of experience in facilitating business setups in Dubai and the broader UAE, Prestige ME Corporate Services Provider's experts bring a proven track record of assisting various companies to navigate the complexities of establishing operations in the Emirates.


Our team comprises some of the finest business setup consultants in the UAE, offering services that encompass obtaining government approvals, securing UAE trade licenses, and providing other essential professional services.


Embarking on a company setup in Dubai without professional guidance can be daunting due to the potential financial burdens and bureaucratic challenges. However, with Prestige ME Corporate Services Provider, your business formation journey is in capable hands. Our professionals manage the entire company formation process, allowing you to focus on your business goals while we ensure a smooth setup at a competitive cost.


The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai oversees the license registration for new businesses on the Dubai mainland. Obtaining a trade license is a critical step for any corporate entity or individual aiming to establish a company outside the free zones in Dubai.


Businesses holding a DED license are recognized as ‘local companies’ and benefit from the DED's role as a comprehensive service center supporting local business operations in Dubai.


For SMEs venturing into the UAE market, acquiring a local license from the DED is advantageous for conducting business across Dubai. It's important to note that certain business activities necessitate operating under a locally licensed company.


However, the Dubai mainland's regulations on foreign ownership for specific business categories, deemed vital to the UAE's strategic interests, may restrict 100% foreign ownership. In these scenarios, a local sponsor or service agent is required, depending on your intended business activities.


This restriction often leads foreign investors to consider free zones in Dubai for their company formation, where 100% ownership is permissible. In such instances, leveraging the expertise of professional business setup consultants in Dubai is crucial for navigating these challenges effectively.


Prestige ME Corporate Services Provider prides itself on being a trusted and esteemed consultancy for local company setup in Dubai, offering an array of services to facilitate a smooth company formation process.

Our Services for Companies. 

- Finalize the Business Activity

- Business License (Mainland, Free Zone, Offshore)

- Register the Business Entity (including Certificate of Incorporation, MoA, Register, Share Certificate)

- Tax Registration (mandatory)

- VAT Registration if necessary

- Office space in Dubai

- Bank account assistance in Dubai

- Consultancy service

- Accounting service 

- Renewals and Amendments Services

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Our Services for Individuals

- Entry Permits

- Visa Services

- Medical test and EID application

- Immigration clearance

- Medical Insurance

- Translation and attestation services

Business entity registration

Business License

Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum & Articles, Company registers, Share certificate

FTA registration

Flexi Desk

Residency Visa

Emirates ID

Starting price : 29.750 AED

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