United Arab Emirates Services

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is considered a leading modern jurisdiction providing on-shore, off-shore and free zone company solutions. A modern vibrant economy with a deep pool of human capital and professional service providers meeting every aspect of Economic Substance Requirements.

There is an undeniable shift towards more reputable jurisdictions which are adhering to global standards of regulations and compliance and are also able to provide adequate infrastructure and professional resources to meet Economic Substance Requirements (ESR). Pure Offshore jurisdictions are increasingly being placed on “Blacklists” or “Watchlists” with serious reputational and operational consequences for clients.

RAK International Corporate Centre is one of the fastest growing Government owned corporate registries with an excellent reputation for compliance and professional services.

  1. A white listed jurisdiction with ability to meet Economic Substance Regulations

  2. Zero Tax on Corporate Income, Capital Gain, Dividends and Interest Income

  3. Transparency & compliance with global standards & regulations whilst maintaining Confidentiality

  4. Common law regulations within dependent judicial system

  5. Fast, easy and cost-effective registration process

  6. Migration & continuation from various jurisdictions

  7. Flexibility to share capital currency and approach to

    Memorandum and articles of association

  8. 100% foreign ownership and minimal reporting requirements

  9. Foreign Characters are permitted(e.g.Chinese)

  10. International offices and vastly experienced staff

  11. A range of solutions to meet the needs of our clients

We are RAK ICC Licensed Registered Agent.  

Contact us for an initial review of your needs, we will find the right solution for your business. 

RAK IBC for ONLY 1730U$ :

- Registered Agent

- Registered Address

- Up to 3 Business Activities (additional activities 290$ each)

- Up to 2 Shareholders (additional shareholders 290$ each)

- Government Fees

- Digital Bank Account

- Personal Coaching and Assistance for one year 

RENEWAL FEE for the standard package (after 365 days): 2380 U$ :

- Registered Agent

- Registered Address

- Government Fees

- Full Annual Compliance

- Personal Coaching ad Assistance for one year