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Expat Insurance

By dedicating our insurance products to expats worldwide, we’re giving those living and working abroad the safety and security they need. Our expat customers can embrace life abroad with confidence in their insurance protection.

All the services are provided by Expatriate Group. 

International Health Insurance

Access to private international healthcare is important for expat families and individuals. Whether you’re planning your future or you’re already overseas, investing in international health insurance with us is simple.

International Travel Insurance

Flexible International Travel Insurance policies covering all nationalities, travelling almost anywhere in the world. You can purchase travel insurance for a specific single trip or, for total flexibility, an annual policy that covers you for any trip you take abroad, regardless of how often you travel.

International Life Insurance

Expat International Life Insurance delivers protection to your family in the event of your death when living overseas. Designed specifically with expats in mind, Expatriate Group offer Expat Life Insurance with worldwide protection, covering periods of one to 30 years. We provide a comprehensive Life Insurance policy to give you and your family peace of mind, whether abroad temporarily or setting up a new life overseas.

International Income Replacement Insurance

Injuries and fatalities can occur whilst you are overseas. Depending on the severity of the accident you could end up permanently disabled, temporarily disabled, or losing your life. Protecting yourself and your family during times when a primary wage earner is unable to work can help alleviate financial stress.

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