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Marshall Islands company formation

Known as a highly versatile jurisdiction for conducting international business, incorporating a corporation, LLCs and partnerships in Marshall Islands offers the following benefits:

  • -  Exceptionally fast incorporation time of only one business day.

  • -  Companies registered by non residents and receiving its income outside the jurisdiction are statutorily exempt from taxation.

  • -  No requirement to file financial statements or to complete annual returns.

  • -  High level of confidentiality and in terms of potential risk of information disclosure to foreign Governments.

  • -  No currency exchange controls and capital can be expressed in any currency.

  • -  No requirement for residency of Directors or Shareholders, and there is no obligation for an annual meeting to be held in the Marshall Islands.

  • -  Ready Made companies available 

  • -  IBC - LLC - LP and Vessel registration

  • - LLC legislation very similar to the Delaware LLC ones

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