St Kitts and Nevis Offshore Trust + Trustee Company

With this package, the Trustee of the trust will be an IBC or LLC full owned by the client.


By doing this you will have the full control over the assets/investment of the trust instead of having to go through us as trustee. 

Additional benefit under this package is cost, because if we are the trustee than yes will charge for all work done. 


This package includes:


  1. Trust Deed that is in compliant with the legislation and already veted by Nevis lawyer;
  2. Trust Registration Fees;
  3. LLC or IBC registration fees that will act as the Trustee
  4. All government fees
  5. Registered Agent and Address fees
  6. International shipping
  7. Pre and post incorporation assistance and consulting fees


Cost of the package from the 2° year : 6300$ 


St Kitts and Nevis Offshore Trust + Trustee Company


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