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Ras Al Khaimah Premium Package

The Premium Package is a corporate structure comprising of a RAK ICC International Business Company (IBC) (the “Holdco”) having a subsidiary in RAK Free Zone (RAKEZ) (the “Opco”).


  • The Holdco owner(s) can be directors or senior management of the Opco

  • The Holdco can benefit from the offshore features. The Opco can benefit from substance and operations in the UAE

  • Staffing and office premises available

  • Dual Bank accounts can be established

  • Double Tax Treaties can be availed

  • Commercial and service licenses are issued by the free zone authority

  • Residence Visas available as a result of this structure

  • Substance requirements can be satisfied

Ras Al Khaimah Premium Package

    • Digital Bank Account : Hong Kong, Singapore (Crypto Accepted)  Min. Balance: 2000 USD 
    • Offshore Bank Account: Mauritius, Sant Lucia, Belize, Nevis, Puerto Rico. Min.Balance : 5000 USD
    • UAE Bank Account : cannot be opened remotely. Min. Balance 10.000 USD
    • Other Private Banking options available in UK, UAE, Luxembourg. 
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