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Ras Al Khaimah Foundation

RAK International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC) Foundations are a corporate body created with a legal personality separate from that of its founder(s). The Foundation acts through its council to administer its assets and carry out its objects.



Advantages of RAK ICC Foundations:


  • Internationally compliant Registry
  • Robust governance structure
  • Attractive tax regime effective in the UAE
  • No requirement to file or audit accounts – the company otherwise remains subject to RAK ICC AML requirements set out in RAK ICC Business Companies Regulations 2018
  • Possibility to migrate to RAK ICC from overseas
  • Low registration and administrative costs
  • Governance
  • Perpetual concept
  • Flexibility with beneficiary classes


Included on the package:


  • Initial consultancy
  • Foundation registration
  • Registered Agent/Office for one year
  • Government Fees
  • Set of certified foundation documents
  • International shipping
  • Business Coaching for one year 
  • Possibility to create complex structures (please contact us)


What we need from you:


  • 3 names for your new company
  • Your full name and address
  • An email
  • A mobile phone number
  • Clear scan copy of your passport 
  • Clear scan copy of utiltiy bill



Ras Al Khaimah Foundation

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