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Panama Corporation

For over eighty five (85) years the Panamanian Corporation ("Sociedades Anónimas") have been recognized, worldwide, as a corporate vehicle that can be successfully used in a variety of International Business, Asset Protection, Estate Planning Structures, among others.



Key features:


▪  Quick registration in 24 to 48 hours

▪  The Panamanian Corporations can be registered notwithstanding the nationality of its directors or shareholders.

▪  The income produced by a Panamanian Corporation outside the territory of the Republic of Panama is exempt from paying Income Tax in Panama.

▪  The capital of the company does not have to be paid partially or fully at the moment of incorporation.

▪  There is no obligation to file annual reports, financial statements or sworn income declarations, always that the company does not generate Panamanian source income.

▪  Legal entities of any country can be appointed as directors, officers or shareholders.

▪  There is no obligation to undertake annual meetings of the Board of Directors or Shareholders.

▪  The directors and shareholders can meet in person, by Proxy, phone or by any other electronic means.

▪  The shares can be issued in nominative or bearer form. In any case, the name of the shareholder is not required to be registered at the Public Registry, thus privacy is preserved. Bearer shares do need to be kept with an authorized custodian in Panama.

▪  A Panamanian company may issue shares with no par value.

▪  May issue different classes of shares and series.

▪  A Panamanian company may purchase its own shares.

▪  Foreign currency incorporations are permitted.

▪  Incorporations in foreign languages are always permitted if a translation to Spanish is also filed.


Included on the package:


  • Initial consultancy
  • Company registration
  • Registered Agent/Office for one year
  • Government Fees
  • Set of apostilled documents
  • International shipping
  • Business Coaching for one year 


Extra :


  • Nominee services
  • Virtual office in Panama
  • Bank account


What we need from you:


  • 3 names for your new company
  • Your full name and address
  • An email
  • A mobile phone number
  • Clear scan copy of your passport 
  • Clear scan copy of utiltiy bill



Panama Corporation

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