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Nevis Trust with LLC

Under this scenario, the Trustee of the trust will be an LLC. By doing this the client can be the owner of the LLC and thus have control over the assets/investments of the trust instead of having to go through us as trustee.


Included on the package:


  • Initial consultancy
  • Business Coaching for one year
  • Preparation of the Trust Deed
  • Trust registration fees
  • LLC registration fees that will act as the Trustee
  • Government fees
  • Registered Agent/Address fees
  • International shipping


Renewal fees : 4500$


Bank account opening in Cook Islands, Saint Lucia, Belize, Saint Kitts and Nevis or digital international account. 

Banks may charge additional costs for the internal due diligence and require a minimun deposit.  


Nevis Trust with LLC


    • 3 names for your new company
    • Your full name and address
    • An email
    • A mobile phone number
    • Clear scan copy of your passport 
    • Clear scan copy of utiltiy bill
    • Banks may require additional documents such as business plan, curriculum vitae, website or othe ronline profile. 
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