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Belize company formation

Belize is a stable and peaceful democracy in the heart of Central America. It is well- regulated, yet user-friendly jurisdiction offering a wide variety of international financial services. The Government of Belize is committed to sustain the growth and development of the international financial services sector.

Modern and up-to-date Belizean legislation provides maximum flexibility with regard to the protection of assets globally, as well as in the areas of tax planning and investments.

Key features:

  • Exempt from all local taxes

  • Excellent asset protection. It is far more difficult and expensive for creditors to penetrate offshore jurisdiction and as such, the creditor may be deterred for even filing the lawsuit.

  • Information about members, managers and beneficial owners is not filed with the Belize Registrar and not available to the public.

  • Trouble free maintenance, low annual fees

  • No reporting, account filing or audit requirements

  • No exchange controls

  • Not subject to compliance with Economic Substance.


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