Opening a personal offshore account is often the first step you should take to internationalize your business and your person.


In an era characterized by crises, pandemics and economic uncertainty like the one we are living in, keeping all our economic interests in one nation and one currency is very dangerous. 


Opening an offshore bank account is the best solution to protect your capital from both "Country" and "Currency" risk. 


Some advantages offered by offshore banks:

Privacy : offshore bank accounts are not traceable by debt collection agencies, lawyers or anyone else who wants to get their hands on your assets.


Offshore Legislation: Offshore banks are subject to the law of their country. Your offshore account cannot therefore be blocked or foreclosed by a court order of your country. 


Multi-currency : with an offshore bank account you can hold your money in different currencies including USD, EURO, Swiss Francs, Pounds Sterling, Canadian Dollars, Yen. 


100% liquidity . Offshore banks are not credit institutions, they do not provide loans and they do not use your savings for their financial operations. 


Investments: with an offshore banks you can invest your money in offshore investment funds, which often have excellent returns. The offshore bank also does not operate any withholding tax.


Home banking: every offshore bank account is administered through home banking, you will never need to personally visit a branch. 


Credit cards: an offshore bank account can be combined with one or more credit or debit cards, all with high spending and ATM withdrawal limits. 


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